Regular readers in this forum have encountered William Voegeli‘s theory that supporters of big-government programs will never be satisfied that a goal has been achieved. Ask them how much government is enough, and you’re unlikely to get an answer that involves any limits to government activity.

A new TIME magazine interview with Zeke Emanuel, influential health-care adviser and older brother to Rahm, seems to support Voegeli’s argument.

To what do you attribute the Emanuel brothers’ success?

I would put success in quotes. We strive. First, I think we got this striving from my mother to make the world a better place. A second important thing is you never rest on the last victory. There’s always more to do, which has sort of created this perpetual-motion machine of energy and exuberance. And maybe the third important thing, my father’s admonition that offense is the best defense. We don’t give up.

The emphasis is added to remind you that a government controlled by people with that type of approach ought to worry anyone interested in personal freedom and constitutional limits on the powers that be in Washington, D.C.