Mark Hemingway of the Federalist contrasts mainstream media treatment of President Trump and a potential electoral foe.

Everyone was buzzing last week about Joe Biden’s confrontation with a voter in Iowa who had the temerity to ask about son Hunter’s extremely lucrative job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. …

… [C]alling an ordinary voter a “damn liar” and other ad hominem insults for raising the very real issue of his son’s corruption is… something.

Yet much of the political Twitterati responded with praise because Biden was “feisty.” …

… Biden’s lengthy and lackluster-bordering-on-disastrous political career isn’t an issue for him or an indictment of his intelligence, according to the people who run D.C. That’s because he’s been wrong in all the ways that support the hubristic notions of a bunch of people with 140 IQs and Ivy League degrees.

Meanwhile, Trump demonstrably confounds the same well-credentialed, intellectually inbred people who expect to dominate the nation’s capital. To date, there have still been next to no attempts to understand the guy, or what voters saw in him, beyond a lot of self-reinforcing jokes about Drumpf being a stable genius.

The end result of all this, if I understand it right, is that a former six-term senator and vice-president told an Iowa voter he is too dumb to demand answers about the gross corruption of his drug-addled son that he obviously enabled. It’s hard to imagine a better metaphor for how politicians are patronizing and entitled.