Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller highlights disturbing news about a recent tactic left-wing protesters have employed with increasing frequency.

In their efforts to drive political opponents from the public square, self-described “anti-fascists” (or “antifa”) are utilizing a disgusting and degrading weapon: human urine.

In just the latest instance of weaponized urine, counter-protesters demonstrating against a free speech rally in Boston on Saturday flung urine-filled bottles at police officers trying to maintain order amidst an already tense political climate.

The Boston Police Department sent out a message on Twitter urging demonstrators not to assault officers with urine, but it’s unclear if it had any effect. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans stated at a press conference later that day that protesters successfully hit officers with their urine-filled projectiles.

“I’m sorry to report that we did have some bottles thrown at our officers that did have urine in it. A couple of our officers were hit with that,” Evans said. “They were hit with a lot of stuff today.”

The use of urine appears to be a trademark tactic of self-described “anti-fascist” demonstrators.

Antifa brought urine-filled projectiles to the violent clashes between white nationalists and antifa in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. Journalists were among those hit with urine.