Bill Draft 2015-TQz-40, not ready for introduction, would eliminate licensing requirements for a number of professions and consolidate a number of licensing boards. Impacted professions include:

fee-based pastoral counselors; interpreters and translators; electrolysis and laser hair practitioners; irrigation contractors; recreational therapists and recreational therapy assistants; acupuncturists; athletic trainers; foresters; locksmiths and locksmith apprentices; podiatrists; alarm system businesses; employee assistance professionals; clinical perfusionists; and public librarians.

Reasons cited include increasing opportunities for employment, reducing costs of service, and adequate customer ratings posted online. Said NC Senator Andy Wells (R-Catawba) in the Hendersonville Times-News:

I’m not sure a piece of paper from the state is that meaningful. Especially when . . . we’re in the age of online reviews. I’d rather know what 5000 of my peers know about your service.