Shawn Fleetwood of the Federalist selects people who deserve a lump of coal this Christmas from the big guy.

If one of Santa’s elves went rogue and ruined Christmas for the whole world, his name would probably be Anthony Fauci.

Over the past year, the infectious disease “expert” has given so much garbage commentary wrapped up as “The Science,” it’s hard to keep track of exactly how many lies he’s told. Despite the long-term unknowns of giving low-risk children the Covid jab (and the shot’s potential side effects), for instance, Fauci has gone full steam ahead in pimping the mRNA injections for minors under 5, calling them “effective and safe.”

He also recently got busted in a legal deposition for previously flip-flopping on the efficacy of face masks in stopping viral transmission, as well as his prior work in smearing doctors who disagreed with his Covid approach. …

… There’s really way too much you could say about Biden. Whether it’s the decimation of America’s energy industry, skyrocketing inflation, a wide-open southern border, or displaying weakness to our enemies, America’s commander-in-chief has done more to wreck the country in less than two years than Barack Obama did in eight. Even as the nation crumbles around his feet, Biden can’t be bothered to care, instead using the time he’s not napping to chow down on some ice cream.

Given Biden’s tendency to sniff children’s hair, you might want to check that the man coming down your chimney this Christmas Eve is in fact Santa and not the guy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. …

… If there’s anyone who deserves coal in his stocking, it’s climate alarmist and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After forcing Canadian truckers to get the experimental Covid jab earlier this year, Trudeau not only smeared demonstrators protesting the mandate as racist, but he proceeded to use overreaching government powers to crush the protests.