You might be surprised to learn that Americans for Prosperity North Carolina is sending a mailer and making robocalls supporting the record of an incumbent legislative Democrat in the midst of a re-election battle — especially a Democrat who often votes in ways that run counter to AFP’s free-market, limited-government approach.

While the communications say nothing about 60th District Rep. Marcus Brandon‘s re-election bid, it’s clear AFP likes Brandon’s stance on school choice.

Support for Education Solutions.

Marcus Brandon has voted for real public education solutions in North Carolina.

Due to Rep. Brandon’s leadership, more public charter schools can open up and give Guilford County families more public education options.

Rep. Brandon also voted to help the children of North Carolina when he voted for a bill to provide additional educational options for families who have children with special needs.

Brandon faces former Rep. Earl Jones* in the N.C. House District 60 Democratic primary. The winner will run unopposed in the general election.

*Since former Rep. Jones lists no website, this link to a News & Record profile of the N.C. House District 60 race will provide some information about him.