According to an article published in the Tuscaloosa News, Plan 2020, Alabama’s new accountability program, uses race, socioeconomic status, disability, and English language mastery to determine academic proficiency.  For example, the following are percentages needed for third-graders to pass math in their subgroups for 2013:

93.6 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander students

91.5 percent of white students

90.3 percent of American Indian students

89.4 percent of multiracial students

85.5 percent of Hispanic students

82.6 percent of students in poverty

79.6 percent of English language-learner students

79 percent of black students

61.7 percent of special needs students

Perhaps things are not so bad in North Carolina.

HT: Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest’s letter to the NC Department of Public Instruction alerted me to this story (see Appendix J of the letter).