Tristan Justice of the Federalist highlights disturbing changes in public schools serving younger children.

Government grade school isn’t what it used to be. More than two years after America’s ruling classes used coronavirus as a reason to shut down schools indefinitely, it’s clear that left-wing activism throughout public education became even more unhinged in hibernation.

Earlier this month, teachers in a western suburb of Columbus, Ohio, welcomed back students to the classroom with lessons on “anal sex” and “fisting.”

Badges worn by teachers in the Hilliard school district featured QR codes linking to a union-sponsored website with resources from gender-bending activist organizations. Resources include information on “gender identity,” “body positivity,” and a guide on “Queering Sexual Education.” That 10-page pamphlet offers instructions on “anal sex,” “bondage,” “rimming,” “domination,” “fingering,” “muffing,” and “outercourse.”

The badges sported by teachers were sponsored by none other than unions such as the National Education Association and the Hilliard Education Association. The former represents more than 3 million public school teachers across 14,000 school districts, making the organization the largest teachers union in the country.

While, in a statement to a local ABC affiliate, Hilliard Superintendent Dave Stewart stressed that the QR codes are “on the back of the badge” and are “not to be shared with students,” the front of the badges reads “I’m here,” to signal to students that those who wear them are supposed allies of the radical gender movement.

Lisa Chaffee, a Hilliard parent with Ohio Parents Rights in Education, called the badges “extremely inappropriate” in a classroom setting.

“As a parent that crosses the line,” Chaffee told ABC6.

More than 2,000 miles west, Los Angeles teachers are taking “body positivity” to a whole new level, encouraging students to abandon traditional concepts of “bad” food. In a video posted on Instagram, the Los Angeles Unified School District promoted childhood obesity by pushing students to eat donuts.