Robert Blaha argues in the Washington Examiner that President Trump needs to appoint more of his own people to government jobs to meet the goal of “draining the swamp.”

Americans hired President Trump as a disruptor, not as their priest, rabbi or shaman. It is time for him to disrupt the dark state by filling government positions with those who share his visions and goals.

As of midsummer 2018, a year and a half into his presidency, Trump has failed to nominate candidates for about one-third of 600-plus key positions in the executive branch.

Trump voters backed a man who campaigned against the self-important, elite Washington establishment. He has delivered on much of what he promised, mostly with a pen and a phone. He has done so through an unprecedented barrage of hour-by-hour media assaults, fueled by leaks from within the administration and other forms of internal sabotage.

But Trump could accomplish considerably more with a cultural shift in administrative processes. For this broad-based, fundamental change, the president needs the right people managing processes designed to support his vision for the country.

One man cannot make America great again by working with temporary leaders or appointees of former presidents, who despise everything he represents. Trump cannot continue letting the same old people do the same old things, while he hopes for different results.