2020 Democratic nominee hopeful Kamala Harris participated a town hall with Jake Tapper in Iowa last night. She was asked about her stances on many issues including the popular “Medicare-for-All” proposal (for more discussion of this proposal see here, here, and here). Here is Kamala’s answer when asked about her desire to seize the means of healthcare production:

While it’s not surprising that Tapper doesn’t push back at all on costs or implementation, he did, in fact, get her to admit in fewer words that yes, there will be no private insurance under this system. “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.” Well, at least she is being honest. Many politicians describe this utopian system in terms of a simple transition from the expensive system we have now to one that will eliminate all issues American’s face when they receive healthcare. She at least comes right out and says to the half of the country that receives insurance through their employer that yes, in fact under this system you will not be able to keep this insurance you may like. It’s ironic, 10 years after Obama made his famous claims about keeping your doctor and insurance, this is where we are now.