Just in time to accompany kids to school, SAT statistics were released nationally.  The trend was downward, even within our state. Lindalyn Kakadelis spoke with Lockwood Phillips about the trend, as did Terry Stoops with State Government Radio. While scores here are dropping, the school year and day are increasing. On “At Issue,” Terry Stoops commented on how increasing both won’t necessarily translate into more successful students. Instead of increasing the amount of time students spend in school, education leaders should focus on improving the quality of education that students receive while there. In an interview with Al Gardner and Stacey Simms on WBT morning show, Lindalyn talked how involved parents can help improve student curriculum. But while the state continues to put money towards unnecessary, even biased programs, there’s little hope that things will change any time soon. Joe Coletti spoke with Jack Boston and Lockwood Phillips about budget provisions that included athletic leadership scholarships for the state’s historically black colleges.