Jonathan Davis writes for Trending Politics about a major problem for mainstream media.

Increasingly, Americans are trusting the media sources less and less that they used to rely on unquestionably to keep them informed but that is the fault of those same media outlets, not the people who distrust them.

Americans, and especially conservatives, already had their doubts about the veracity of many in the “mainstream media” after eight years of sycophantic treatment of Barack Obama. But after four years of Donald Trump, a wide majority of Americans now see the media for what it is: A dishonest gaggle of partisan Democrats who serve as that party’s propaganda wing.

In a new survey from Rasmussen Reports, one of the country’s most reliable pollsters, 58 percent of respondents said they agreed with this statement heartily or at least somewhat: “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The media ‘are truly the enemy of the people?’” …

… Now, this survey came just ahead of a frank admission by fired New York Times associated editor Lauren Wolfe, who noted in a Substack piece ultimately published by Washington Monthly in which she frankly, openly admits she’s a biased leftist whose political leanings not only inform who she interviews for stories but also which stories she decides to cover.

“Ever since I was fired from The New York Times at the end of January, no matter what I publish or say about journalism online, angry people come out of their hidey-holes to yell at me. They say that I’m biased … that journalists are all crooked, and that I’m a perfect example of why no one can believe anything we in the media say,” Wolfe wrote.

“So, I’d like to talk a little about this idea of bias—and its implied opposite, objectivity—in journalism. They are inextricably linked,” she noted further.