Leave it to Jon Sanders to find a humorous way to illustrate the silliness of the opposition to a proposed Western Civilization program at UNC-Chapel Hill, funded by the John William Pope Foundation. In a “Point of View” column in Friday’s Raleigh News & Observer, Sanders uses a classic Christmas tale to refute the argument made by some faculty who object to the Pope Foundation’s funding. “What if the petty, snarling villain in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol were Bob Cratchit?” Sanders asked. “What if Ebenezer Scrooge had tried from the beginning to help the hobbling young Tim, but Bob threw his money back in his face? What if the other Cratchits sat mute in fear of Bob as he said, ‘Bah! You don’t believe as I do, Mr. Scrooge! Sometimes you criticize my work! To me your money is tainted!’” Meantime, Sanders’ more in-depth commentary on the controversy was published on David Horowitz’s web site, Front Page, which reports on leftist ideas and policy.