Elizabeth Stauffer writes for the Washington Examiner that President Biden is responsible for much of what ails the world today.

President Joe Biden’s reckless decision to abruptly withdraw United States troops from Afghanistan in August 2021 set into motion an unstoppable sequence of events that have made the world a far more dangerous place. From heads of state to the legacy media, people everywhere recognized that the aftershocks of Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal would be felt for years to come. America’s humiliating military retreat had shaken the balance of power across the globe profoundly and irrevocably.

Though Biden placed blame for the chaos that ensued at the hands of the inept Afghan National Army and even on former President Donald Trump, his responsibility was clear. His massive display of weakness and his abdication of duty as the leader of the free world had created a power vacuum. And, well aware of the opportunity this presented, the tyrants of the world joined forces to exploit it.

Within months, Russian President Vladimir Putin began massing troops near the Ukrainian border in preparation for his February 2022 invasion. Shortly before launching his “special military operation,” Putin joined Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing for talks where the two announced a “friendship without limits.”

Moreover, in Biden’s zeal to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, President Barack Obama’s farcical nuclear deal with Iran, he handed power to that authoritarian regime as well. And on Oct. 7, we saw them flex their muscles in the most depraved display of evil in modern memory.

Sadly, armed conflict in Israel is nothing new. What is new is the deliberate targeting of civilians and the glee of the terrorists who are carrying it out.

In a Sky News interview, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out that the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens were even worse than those of the Nazis. The Nazis, he noted, at least knew what they were doing was wrong and tried to hide it.