Editors at the Washington Examiner take aim at another bad idea from President Biden.

When a flailing administration has to release bad news, it usually does so during the last business hours of a Friday to minimize bad press. But this September’s illegal immigration numbers were so bad that burying them this way wasn’t good enough.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security waited till Saturday morning to release last month’s horror story from the southern border. The encounter data made it immediately obvious why the administration waited so long: The numbers prove that Biden’s border policies have been a complete and irredeemable failure.

Not only were more migrants caught illegally crossing the border in September than ever before, but Biden also set the record for illegal crossings in a single fiscal year at 2.48 million. That’s compared to 2.38 million last year, 1.73 million the year before, and 450,000 in former President Donald Trump’s final year in office.

The huge jump immediately after Biden took office is no coincidence. Even before he became president, Biden advised people from around the world, “You should come.” …

… Last week, after a speech drawing on the war in Ukraine and the heinous terrorist attacks in Israel, Biden submitted his border bailout wish list to Congress, attached to money for Ukraine and Israel.

The White House fact sheet reads like a guide on “how to make the border crisis worse.” Biden wants to spend more on “additional grants to local governments and nonprofits to support the provision of temporary food, shelter, and other services for those recently released from DHS custody.” He wants money for “support for eligible arrivals, including services to successfully resettle in the United States.” And he wants “expansion of lawful pathways, including efforts to streamline the processing of eligible refugees and migrants.”

Nothing in Biden’s plan is intended to slow illegal immigration. Every dime will throw gasoline onto the raging inferno of illegal immigration burning our national sovereignty at the southern border.