Christopher Bedford of the Federalist highlights a curious shift in Biden administration priorities.

Something strange is afoot in the party of Jefferson. With the Democrats still spinning after the collapse of their election bill — and progressives furious with the White House’s seeming lack of commitment to that effort — the president has already pivoted, announcing a plan to tackle the violent crime wave besetting American cities.

And the vice president? She’s on her way to the border, 91 days, two countries, and countless laughs after it was first assigned by the boss.

Some might notice that cracking down on rampant crime and tackling a crisis at the border were not topics of discussion when now-President Joe Biden and now-Vice President Kamala (briefly) shared a debate stage two years ago. In fact, it was quite the opposite, littered with jabs and brags about who was more anti-cop or more open-border. So what gives?

If you get your news from Democrats or their palace guards in corporate media, you might think the White House was forced into this by wicked Republicans and dastardly conservative media. …

… They all know that the only real reason a political party shifts focus so dramatically from its goals to issues it wishes it could avoid is terrible internal polling: numbers coming back predicting election disasters, battleground states looking dicey, voters across the country responding negatively.

People don’t admit it when this is the reason, … but it’s the same thing we saw when Democrats reversed course on last summer’s deadly riots and the ongoing lockdowns. …

… Primary elections are about as trustworthy a poll as you can get, and Democrats are finally listening. But here’s their quagmire: They don’t have a single solution. Both the crisis at the border and the crisis in the cities are the direct results of their policies of dropping enforcement of crime in both places, and what do Biden and Harris want to do in response? Crack down on gun-store owners and fix the economies of Central America.