David Catron writes for the American Spectator about President Biden’s latest bad idea.

As expected, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that President Biden doesn’t have the constitutional authority to “forgive” $430 billion in student loan debt. The decision, written by Chief Justice Roberts, drove the point home by quoting former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 2021 statement regarding Biden’s power to do so without the consent of Congress: “People think that the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness. He does not.” Yet, Biden defiantly insisted Friday afternoon that the Court’s decision was wrong and that he plans to keep pushing for his massive giveaway scheme under the aegis of the Higher Education Act (HEA).

It’s likely that U.S. Solicitor Gen. Elizabeth Prelogar responded to this announcement with a head palm. The task of defending Biden’s latest brainstorm before SCOTUS will fall to her, and she knows the HEA approach has already been rejected once by the administration in order to pursue the Heroes Act strategy just struck down by the Court. If Biden were capable of learning from experience, he would stop using Executive Branch agencies like the Education Department to execute end runs around Congress. Every time he attempts to do so, it produces legal challenges, ends up before the Court, and runs afoul of the “major questions doctrine.” …

… Biden’s Friday remarks suggest he has failed to discern any pattern in his long list of Supreme Court losses.

Nor does he acknowledge his own role in creating the student debt “crisis.” As a U.S. Senator for Delaware, Biden supported the Middle Income Student Assistance Act, which dramatically expanded the pool of eligible borrowers. He later backed the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students and Auxiliary Loans to Assist Students programs, both of which further expanded eligibility. Then, having played such a crucial role in luring students into debt, Biden supported a bill that made it all but impossible for them to escape the trap via bankruptcy.