Rich Lowry of National Review Online takes account of the president’s poor record.

President Biden arrived in office with the southern border secure and Afghanistan in a state of fragile equilibrium.

Eight months later, the border continues to be deluged with migrants overwhelming our capacity to properly house and process them, and we are evacuating our personnel from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, overrun by desperate Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

The crisis at the border and the stunningly swift defeat in Afghanistan are entirely on Biden. He took sustainable situations and overturned them out of ideological fixity and fantastical wishful thinking.

The outcomes were utterly predictable. Indeed, anyone who knew anything about the border or Afghanistan warned what would happen.

The debacles haven’t been the product of forces beyond Biden’s control; events didn’t take a hand, he did. These are man-made disasters.

Throw on top the crime wave in U.S. cities that is a product of the Left’s enthusiasm for fashionable anti-cop sentiments, and the picture is of a party that is unable to maintain order or rationally calculate the downside consequences of its rhetoric and policies.

One hallmark of the Biden approach has been laughably false assurances. He maintained at a press conference in March that there was nothing unusual going on at the border, when the historic surge had already begun. Only last month, he confidently predicted that there’d be no dramatic rooftop evacuations from Kabul, when a rapid collapse of the government was always a distinct possibility.

Then, there are the ineffectual warnings. Biden officials have repeatedly told migrants to stop coming to the U.S. border, when they have every incentive to continue to do so, and his representatives tsk-tsked the Taliban about sweeping to power by force — something that they have fought to do for 20 years — because it would supposedly harm the group’s international image.

And, finally, the rank blame-shifting.