Editors at Issues and Insights share their concerns about over-the-top Biden administration rhetoric.

Now that they can’t use COVID to scare the public into submission, Democrats – from President Joe Biden on down – are working on Plan B. Shouting “Democracy is at risk!” every chance they get.

That’s become the default line for the left. This weekend, when CBS News reporter Bill Whitaker asked Vice President Kamala Harris about the possibility of Biden dying in office, her response was: “Let me just tell you, I’m focused on the job. Our democracy is on the line, Bill. And I frankly in my head do not have time for parlor games when we have a president who is running for reelection. That’s it.”

Notice the contradiction in Harris’ statement? If we have, as she says, “a president who is running for reelection,” how is it that “our democracy is on the line”? Aren’t elections what democracy is all about?

Let’s assume that Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. (That’s a big assumption, since the first primary is still months away and because history is replete with presumed front runners not getting the nomination.) Let’s also assume that Biden is the Democratic candidate. (Another big assumption.)

Trump and Biden will have to campaign for the presidency, as will various third-party candidates. They will travel the country making their case. The press will spend a great deal of time covering the campaigns – mostly attacking the GOP candidate. There will be nationally televised debates. Voters will start paying attention as the election nears.

A little more than a year from now, millions of voters will cast their ballots. And, according to the rules laid down in the Constitution, the next president will be elected. That could be Trump.

Where’s the threat to democracy here?

Does Biden mean that Trump could once again win the presidency despite losing the popular vote?

That can’t be it.

Biden recently gave a speech about “strengthening our democracy” in which he said that “I believe very strongly that the defining feature of our democracy is our Constitution.”