Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon reports one interesting dynamic in a critical 2024 election.

Black voters were key to securing President Joe Biden’s unexpected 2020 win in Georgia. In 2024, those same voters could return the state to Republicans.

Civil rights leaders and activists are sounding the alarm that the Biden campaign has a major problem on its hands with Georgia’s black community, which makes up 33 percent of the state’s population and overwhelmingly supported the president in 2020. Black Georgians are increasingly signaling that they won’t turn out or may even vote Republican in 2024 as they struggle with the persistent inflation and the feeling that Democrats haven’t followed through on their ambitious racial justice promises, Reuters reported Monday.

“A lot of them are not quite sure that Biden is the answer,” Georgia Black Republican Council chairwoman Camilla Moore told Reuters. “What we’re seeing in the Black community is a little bit more of a willingness in terms of Republicans being an option.”

Compounding Biden’s troubles: the financial collapse of twice-defeated Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’s (D.) network of voter turnout groups, which helped swing the state for Biden in 2020.

One of Abrams’s groups, Fair Fight, laid off 75 percent of its staff in January after blowing the $100 million it raised from 2018 through 2021 on spurious voter suppression cases that were ultimately rejected by Georgia courts. The group doled out $9.4 million in legal fees to a firm run by Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, a close friend of Abrams and the chairwoman of the Democrat’s failed 2018 and 2022 gubernatorial bids. Fair Fight was also ordered to pay over $200,000 to reimburse the state of Georgia over its failed lawsuit that claimed Gov. Brian Kemp (R.) stole the 2018 gubernatorial election from Abrams. As of January, Fair Fight had just $1.9 million cash on hand and $2.5 million in debt.