Jason Whitlock writes for The Blaze about disturbing signs on the political left.

Racism, regardless of the target, is unhealthy and counterproductive. It drives domestic division and animus. For making this obvious point, some people will label me a honky-lover, a sellout, a race traitor. My true crime is sticking to the values I was taught as a Christian.

My faith compels me to oppose racism. That has been my passion since childhood. In eighth grade, when my junior high began busing in black kids to further integrate the school, I was chosen as a leader to bring the white and black kids together. I played the same role at my high school, as the captain of our nationally ranked football team.

I saw myself as an extension of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of men and women judged by the content of their character and not their skin color. Much of my work as a journalist from 1992 to 2010 focused on analyzing America’s racial divide through the lens of sports. In 2008, I won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for commentary for my ability to “integrate sports commentary with social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.”

Many of my critics claim that my point of view has changed drastically over the past 14 years. They claim I’ve become a conservative political partisan and only criticize the Left. I have not changed. I’m not a political partisan. My morals and values have not changed. Journalism and American culture have changed drastically over the past 14 years. Anti-white bigotry has become popular in American culture.

I constantly criticize the Left because the Left has rejected Christianity and embraced racism. I was born in 1967, a year before the assassination of Dr. King. I see myself as a descendant of Dr. King’s dream. Dr. King was a Christian who fought racism. I do not know Dr. King’s political affiliation.

I believe Dr. King would be appalled by the racism that is being sanctioned by the Left.