Lefties appear perplexed by Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s response to the NC DPI paper dump.  So, let’s compare it to a school assignment.

A teacher asks a student to write a report on the Great Wall of China.  The teacher provides very specific questions that he or she expects the student to answer in her paper, such as the history of the Great Wall, its physical attributes, cultural significance, and the like.

On the day that the assignment is due, the student arrives at class with a stack of paper, consisting of hard copies of Wikipedia pages about the Great Wall of China, Google images of the Great Wall, blogs and online travel accounts from those who have visited it, and an undergraduate essay on why the Great Wall is super neat.  “I answered your questions,” she says.

The teacher shakes his head and writes “F” on the top sheet.  “There is a difference between answering questions and providing information,” he remarks, “and I clearly asked you to do the former.”

He relaxes in his chair and thinks, “At least the Pittsburgh Steelers just beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.  What I wouldn’t give to pop a cold, refreshing I.C. Light right now, but it is not available in North Carolina.”