Here is a short summary of the public education budget proposed by Governor McCrory today:

Teachers.  Governor McCrory’s budget would increase the number of teachers by 1,800 over two years and provide a one percent, across-the-board pay increase for state-funded public school employees.  The budget would also fund projected enrollment growth.

Textbooks, technology, and tests. The budget would increase spending for textbooks ($58.3 million*), instructional supplies and equipment ($9.4 million), and instructional technology ($17 million in lottery funds).  The budget would also sets aside funds to continue ACT testing for high school students ($7.5 million).

Tykes. The budget would allocate an additional $26.2 million a year to add 5,000 children the rolls of NC Pre-K, the state’s preschool program.

Teacher support.  Funds for teacher assistants, the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT), and the Teaching Fellows program would be cut or eliminated.

(*Amounts cited are recommendations for 2013-14 only.)