Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute offers a new warning to Republicans about tax hikes:

The more important thing to focus on is the way that the big spenders in the White House and elsewhere are trying to build support for a big tax increase by characterizing tax breaks as “spending in the tax code.” The left obviously hopes Republicans are so stupid that Orwellian word games are all that is needed to get them to acquiesce to legislation that would increase the amount of revenue going to Washington.

To be sure, Republicans are known as the “Stupid Party,” so anything is possible. But if GOPers can simply remember these three simple concepts, they will be in good shape.

1. Tax reform is when you get rid of special tax breaks and use the revenue to finance lower tax rates. …

2. A tax increase is when politicians impose legislation that increases the overall burden on taxpayers and results in more revenue in Washington. …

3. Government spending is when politicians give you other people’s money, not when you’re allowed to keep your own money.

Along with this warning about tax hike subterfuge, Mitchell uses his latest video to explain why it makes sense for states — not the feds — to control the Medicaid program.