Ann Doss Helms of WFAE has the details:

In a sign of Charlotte’s growing diversity and the upheaval created by the coronavirus pandemic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has more Hispanic than white students for the first time.

A new diversity report shows CMS is now 36.7% Black, 27.2% Hispanic, 25.8% white and 7.3% Asian. Last year white students slightly outnumbered Hispanic counterparts, with each at roughly 27% of enrollment.

The report also shows that CMS lost even more students this year than the district had previously reported. This year’s total is 140,073, down 4.6% from last year’s 146,887. [Emphasis added]

NC Department of Public Instruction has not published initial enrollment figures for the 2020-21 school year.

Update: The Charlotte Ledger notes that the largest enrollment losses occurred in affluent areas of Mecklenburg County.  Cristina Bolling writes, “It’s been known for months that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ enrollment dropped this year across the district, as some families shifted to private schools or homeschooling during the pandemic. But it wasn’t until Tuesday that a picture emerged of where exactly those drops were most pronounced — in the county’s more affluent southern “wedge.”