A Tweet from Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax reform caught my eye this morning:

Average teacher pay in Chicago $71,000 (plus benefits) – average Chicagoan makes $30, 203. Union wants 30% raise.

The Chicago Policy Institute outlines 5 things to know about Chicago Public schools.  With some interesting parallels with NC.  They  include very low graduation rate, teachers are paid pretty well, tight budget with low cash reserves, 35% of funding comes from the state, short time actually spent in classroom.

Currently state employees in NC are prohibited from collective bargaining.  But could the state of unions change under different leadership? SEANC held their annual meeting over the weekend in Greensboro and heard from candidates McCrory and Dalton. According to the News and Record:

The association — which represents about 55,000 state employees and retirees in North Carolina — has declined to endorse either candidate. SEANC Executive Director Dana Cope said Friday that the union’s endorsement committee simply couldn’t decide between the two .

Much of that money and effort will go…to help long time SEANC member Linda Coleman in her race to replace Dalton as lieutenant governor. Coleman, a Democrat, faces Republican Dan Forest in that race.

Dalton also said McCrory has “very much” embraced Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who faced a recall election in June over his efforts to strip public employees of their bargaining power. Walker won the recall election.  Dalton said he and state employees need to work together to best provide state services.