President Biden has work to do with likely North Carolina voters. The new Civitas Poll shows a majority don’t like the direction of the country, while North Carolinians are split on Mr. Biden’s performance. But take a look at the strong disapproval data. (emphasis is mine)

More than half — 52% — believe our nation is on the wrong track. Just 42% say it is heading in the right direction. The president’s job approval sits at 48%, with 49% disapproving. Strong disapproval for Mr. Biden is high — 44%. Strong approval is 10 points lower, sitting at just 34%.

Note that 10-point gap. It means just one in three strongly approve of the job President Biden is doing. Despite the fact we’re only two months into the new administration, that’s a worrisome number, particularly in a battleground state. The persuadable audience is incredibly narrow. Just 3% neither approve nor disapprove and just 1% are unsure.

These are numbers to watch as we move through the first year of the administration.

For those who like the details, below is the exact wording of the question about the president.