Editors at Issues and Insights take aim at climate alarmism.

Each day the media are filled with “news” stories blaming various events and conditions on “climate change,” which are of course code words for “humans are overheating their planet.” Never do these reports offer evidence that mankind’s carbon dioxide emissions are to blame. That the press feels there’s no reason to back its claims with facts indicates that a large segment of the West has bought fully and uncritically into the narrative.

Some days it seems as if it’s useless to continue to fight the fight against global warming. Politicians, “journalists,” activists, activist scientists, celebrities, and a substantial portion of the public tell us that human activity is causing Earth to warm and there’s no more to the story than that. Skepticism is equated with denial. Questions are verboten. Aligning with the alarmists’ account is the only acceptable response.

This is how batty our world has become: According to a local newspaper, a British Columbia doctor diagnosed a patient to be suffering from “climate change.” Which might be the case, since the global and local climates are always in a state of change, and can at times be severe enough to cause injuries and death, though risk of climate-related fatalities has fallen 99% over the last 100 years.

But was the good doctor referring to natural climate cycles? Or was his diagnosis intended as a complaint about modern living that requires the consumption of fossil fuels? No one would go wrong by guessing the latter.

While much of the First World is suffering from climate derangement syndrome, the global warming scare offers great opportunities for graft, corruption, and greater political power to “leaders” who know better but use the ginned-up crisis to harden the bubbles they live in.

Leave it to Greta Thunberg, maybe the most well-known victim of CDS, to expose the charade.