John Merline of Investor’s Business Daily explores the mainstream media’s meek reaction to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

If the public ever wanted to get a taste of just how hopelessly partisan and unreliable the mainstream press has become, all they need to do is pay attention to how they act around politicians.

When reporters are covering a Republican, they are always in a bad mood. The questions are hostile and argumentative. Reporters never let a Republican politician stick to talking points. They interrupt. They scoff. They exchange eye rolls. They always ask tough follow-up questions.

But when it’s a Democrat, the atmosphere is always calm and friendly. Reporters always laugh at a Democrat’s jokes, particularly if the jokes are at the expense of a Republican. They act apologetic if they are posing a “difficult” question. They rarely press an issue that the Democratic politician doesn’t want to talk about. They let Democrats filibuster and set the agenda.

This phenomenon was glaringly in evidence on Thursday, after Clinton gave a blistering speech in Reno, Nev., in which she called Donald Trump a racist. …

… [R]eporters should be ravenous to get Clinton to answer questions. Particularly after recent troubling revelations from previously hidden emails about the Clinton Foundation that she has yet to answer for.

And, according to the reporters themselves, they did try, as Clinton stood around tasting chocolates offered to her by Dorinda’s Chocolates, a local upscale chocolatier.

NPR’s Tamara Keith tweeted that: “Press corps tried to ask ?@HillaryClinton questions re foundation etc. She encouraged us to try the chocolates.”

Tried to ask? Not really.

Based on a video taken after the Reno speech, and posted in a tweet by Seth Richardson at the Reno Gazette-Journal, while Clinton was praising the confectionaries, reporters stood patiently, and quietly by. There were no shouted questions. No sense of urgency. Nothing.

The best one media “bloodhound” could muster was to meekly say to Clinton: “Now’s a good time for questions, right?”

To which, Clinton responded: “I want you to offer it (the tray of chocolates) to all the press here. So wonderful, so cooperative.”

There wasn’t a peep of protest from any reporter present at this blatant affront to their objectivity and professionalism. Hillary just moved on.