Caroline Downey writes for National Review Online about a friendly television host’s advice for the president during this campaign season.

Looking ahead to the general election after former president Trump’s comfortable win in the New Hampshire GOP primary Tuesday night, CNN’s Van Jones advised President Biden to fly under the radar on the 2024 campaign trail, suggesting his lethargy is a political liability.

“If I were Biden, I would stay hidden,” Jones said. “And I’ll tell you why: He doesn’t inspire confidence. He’s not a great messenger for himself.”

The conversation was prompted by Obama David Axelrod, former senior adviser to President Obama, who earlier in the CNN segment said the 2024 race would be “trench warfare.”

CNN host Anderson Cooper questioned the assertion that there would be active competition between the frontrunners: “Are they going to hide in the trenches?” Cooper asked.

“Is there going to be a campaign trail?…Are there going to be debates?” he added.

Instead of having Biden represent himself, Jones said it would be more strategic to make progressive activists, such as union leaders and clean-energy executives, act as surrogates to sell the American people on the administration’s policy successes.

“There’s something wrong with this campaign, where we’re somehow expecting Joe Biden, and frankly he hid during the last campaign, to now be Flash Gordon,” Jones said. “The people who are benefitting from the Biden economy – and they exist – should be empowered to speak.”

After the pandemic erupted amid the 2020 presidential election, Biden did almost no in-person campaigning or public events. The rallies Biden did on occasion hold attracted very small crowds in comparison to Trump’s events.

By fall 2022, as most Americans began to resume their pre-Covid lives, Biden still made few appearances on the campaign trail.

While Trump has held campaign events across the country since announcing his 2024 candidacy, he boycotted all five of the Republican primary debates, raising the question of whether he will agree to face Biden in person.