Ryan Cooper writes at The Week that former Vice President Joe Biden’s easy path to the Democratic presidential nomination is over.

Joe Biden has had a bizarrely easy time of it as the frontrunner of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. Few of his competitors have attacked him directly, and those who did (like Kamala Harris and Julián Castro) have mostly dropped out of the race.

However, it appears Biden’s free ride is finally coming to an end. With actual primaries coming up soon and no sign his lead is disappearing, his top rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have begun attacking his record — Sanders explicitly, and Warren with the release of a bankruptcy reform plan that would overturn one of the blackest marks on Biden’s Senate career. It’s high time Biden’s record got close scrutiny. …

… It bears repeating that Biden is just a wretchedly unsuitable candidate for 2020. His atrocious record in Congress aside (don’t forget teaming up with southern Dixiecrats to stop school integration!), he has long been on the right wing of a party that is quickly moving left, and much of his family has eagerly cashed in on his political connections. Hunter Biden gets all the attention with his ludicrous $50,000 a month job sitting on the board of a Ukrainian oil company, but Joe’s brother James also reportedly traded openly on the family name while running an investment fund.

While there is no evidence whatsoever Biden did anything concrete to help his family in their business endeavors, all this is still extremely sleazy. He’s not exactly the guy you want running against Mr. “Drain the Swamp.”