Hugo Gurdon of the Washington Examiner ponders the Squad’s impact on the Democratic Party’s future.

Left-wing Democrats held a Capitol Hill press conference this week to demand a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. The usual suspects from the “Squad,” extremist defenders of Hamas who itch with every fiber of their being — like the terrorists they support — to see Israel wiped off the map, now want peace.

A telling exchange took place shortly before the press conference, not by coincidence, ended when a reporter asked about a double standard that pressed Israel to agree to a ceasefire instead of destroying terrorists who murdered 1,400 Jews on Oct. 7. The congresswomen wouldn’t expect the United States to cease hostilities if it had been similarly attacked.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) sidestepped the sharp inquiry by responding blandly, “Vengeance is not a foreign policy doctrine. We are here to save lives — Israelis, Palestinians, Americans.” Goodness, that’s interesting! Suddenly, it seems, all lives matter, an opinion that got people into a lot of trouble if they hinted at it three years ago during the Black Lives Matter riots.

But that 180-degree U-turn is a side issue. The central point, surely, is that no one can possibly believe that the Squaddies are principally interested in saving lives. If they were, they would not support Hamas, which murders and tortures Israelis and murders and tortures its own people. What the left-wing Democrats want, like the other stomach-turning radicals in leafy campuses bellowing their support for genocide, is for Hamas to get away with the worst pogrom against Jews in 75 years.

A ceasefire now would be an unambiguous win for Hamas, for it would demonstrate that they could remain in power to kill again even after perpetrating enormities that sickened all decent people. Calling for a ceasefire now is, as the Babylon Bee joked, as if Emperor Hirohito suggested an end to fighting the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Absurd and insulting.