Editors at Issues and Insights highlight the impact of President Biden’s browbeating on COVID-19 vaccines.

How can you measure President Joe Biden’s sway over the public? Try looking at the impact his attacks on the unvaccinated have had on immunization rates. He’s managed to drive them down. Not that it matters, since the number of new COVID cases is falling, even in states with low vaccination rates.

In his remarkably antagonistic Sept. 9 speech announcing vaccine mandates, Biden did everything he could to disparage and shame the unvaccinated.

He blamed them for overcrowding hospitals and “leaving no room for someone with a heart attack.” He said they were causing “a lot of damage” and have “cost all of us.” He said they were “keeping us from turning the corner.”

He tried to pit the vaccinated against them, claiming those who had the shot needed protection from the unvaccinated (which is odd, since the vaccine is supposed to protect the vaccinated, isn’t it?). …

… So how has Biden’s bullying worked so far?

Let’s look at the data.

Turns out that the number being vaccinated daily was lower a week after Biden’s mandate speech than the week before. On Sept. 2, almost 907,000 got a shot. On Sept. 16, that number was 773,763. …

… There’s another problem with Biden’s bullying. The Delta surge appears to have already peaked and is on the decline in many states, including those with the lowest vaccination rates.

As a matter of fact, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation whatsoever between statewide vaccination rates and the current trend in new COVID cases.

In Florida, which Biden repeatedly bashes for not kowtowing to his wishes, the number of daily new COVID cases has been in decline for the past 30 days. In Texas, another state that raises Biden’s ire, the number of new cases appears to have peaked.

Rates of new cases have been in decline in Mississippi, a state where less than 42% are fully vaccinated, and Georgia, where less than 44% are vaccinated.