Editors at the Washington Examiner pan the president’s latest disastrous idea for underming the nation.

Corporate America may finally be realizing the harm caused by diversity, equity, and inclusion administrators, those whose vague title allows them to hogtie business with destructive ideological restraints. But President Joe Biden is moving the federal government in the opposite direction. It’s a parallel to his increasingly slavish adherence to labor union demands at a time when most of the country, given the choice, frees itself from their sclerotic grip.

While most of America is waking up from its hazy and inattentive acceptance of DEI’s malign ministrations, Biden has signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to establish “equity leadership teams” and draft annual “action plans” to implement DEI programs in federal operations and employment. If this is not reversed quickly by the next president, it will prove not only a massive waste of taxpayer resources but also a persistent nuisance and spoke in the wheels of smooth governance. It lines up lawsuits from here to eternity.

The seemingly harmless example the administration gave involves making it easier for non-English speakers to report crimes. But this is not an “equity” issue but one of competence. Agencies should be able to communicate with people of all backgrounds.

DEI zealots are, ironically, making war on the Spanish language, trying to force 500 million native Spanish speaker to degender their nouns for the sake of “inclusion.” Will a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive federal government listen to people who refuse to use the new “inclusive” jargon dreamed up in academia even though doing so would exclude all people who speak normal English and Spanish?

Here is a rule of thumb: Wherever “equity” and not “equality” is being discussed, you can expect deliberate racial discrimination, which is against federal law.