Matthew Foldi of the Washington Free Beacon highlights an inconvenient fact for congressional Democrats.

House Democrats are heading into the 2022 election cycle with a campaign chairman who has a long track record of backing the left-wing policies that experts blame for the rise in crime across the country.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (N.Y.), who has chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) since January, has a record of backing progressive policies such as an end to cash bail. He also staffs his office with anti-police activists.

In cities across America, violent crime rates are more than doubling. Last year, murder rose by 65 percent in Chicago, 58 percent in New York, 87 percent in Louisville, and 64 percent in Minneapolis.

Republicans are putting Democrats’ support for soft-on-crime policies and defunding the police center stage as they seek to gain control of both houses of Congress in 15 months. While some Democrats blamed their poor down-ballot results in the 2020 election on the “defund the police” movement, prominent Democratic lawmakers continue to embrace the radical movement, providing an easy target for Republicans.

During his failed 2018 campaign for New York attorney general, Maloney backed eliminating cash bail months before the state voted to do so in 2019 and implemented the policy in 2020. …

… A study by the Manhattan Institute found that “after enacting a sweeping bail reform, New York lawmakers have drawn the ire of constituents who are troubled by the many stories of repeat and serious offenders—some with violent criminal histories—being returned to the street following their arrests.” …

… Republicans point to Maloney’s support for eliminating cash bail as evidence of his being out of touch with voters. “The DCCC Chairman’s long history of supporting criminals over police embodies House Democrats’ anti-police agenda. It’ll cost them their majority in 2022,” Rep. Tom Emmer (Minn.), the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon.