The Network for Public Education, a radical left-wing advocacy organization founded by Diane Ravitch and Anthony Cody, will hold its third annual meeting in Raleigh this weekend.  The conference theme is “And Justice for All: Strengthening Public Education for Each Child.”

Featured speakers include Rev. William Barber, Diane Ravitch, Bob Herbert, and others who will use this conference as a platform to attack Republicans, conservatives, and proponents of school choice.  Indeed, Ravitch and her followers believe that if you do not worship public schools, you are a heretic that deserves eternal damnation.

Anyway, here is a selection of panel titles:

  • Public Education Under Attack: How We Fight, How We Win
  • Hijacking Public School Choice: Pushing Charters, Privatization, School Closures and Calling It “Unified Enrollment”
  • Local Successes in the Face of Relentless Privatization Efforts
  • The Politics of ALEC: In NC Now and Headed to a State Near You. What to Watch For; How to Push Back
  • State Takeover Districts: A Pattern of Racial Targeting, Privatization and Academic Failure

Unfortunately, the mainstream media will give these folks as much sympathy and attention as possible.