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• Yes, we’re still here and will continue to be until the Supreme Court contest between Justice Cheri Beasley and attorney Mike Robinson is settled. On Wednesday, Robinson a Republican, who trails Democrat Beasley by roughly 3,000 votes of the more than 2.9 million ballots cast, said he would ask for a recount after the ballots are certified.

• Among the information ABC News gleaned from exit polls of voters in Tuesday’s election, is this tidbit: Only 36 percent of those voting were registered Democrats, a low-water mark for the party since 1984.

• Speaking of interesting results, in case you missed it, in this space yesterday I looked at spending in the U.S. Senate campaign, comparing it to earlier races by adjusting for inflation and dividing by the number of registered voters in North Carolina. Counting only money spent by candidates and campaigns (which has been the easiest to track accurately over time), the Tillis-Hagan-Sean Haugh race ranked 10th of the 15 Senate contests since 1972, when North Carolina became a truly competitive two-party state.

• National Journal Daily says the Hagan loss is “devastating” for Democrats nationally.