According to a press release sent by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI),

School crime ratessuspensions, and dropouts all went down last yearaccording to new data from school districts and charter schools.  An executive summary of the annual Consolidated Data Report was released today. The full report will be released next week, and includes reports of offenses on school campuses, dropout events and rates, suspensions and expulsions, reassignments for disciplinary purposes, uses of corporal punishment, and alternative learning program enrollments. This positive news follows report earlier this month that the teacher turnover rate has also declined for the last two years. 

 Statewide trends show the number and rate of crimes reported on North Carolina school campuses have steadily decreased.  In addition, long and short-term suspension rates have declined compared to last year, and the dropout rate in North Carolina public schools has decreased for the second consecutive year. 

At this point, the executive summary is not available to the public.  The full report will be posted here after the State Board of Education reviews and approves it at their meeting next week.