Now that Hillary Clinton has lost the presidential race, Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller ponders the future of Clinton’s troubled foundation.

Clinton Foundation officials now face a potentially devastating barrage of investigations by Congress, federal regulatory agencies, state attorneys general and perhaps a probe by a special prosecutor, according federal law enforcement and philanthropy regulation experts.

The months ahead could determine what kind of future, if any, the Clinton Foundation can have as Congress and the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump take what is certain to be a tough look the ethical and legal issues that have swirled for years around the troubled charity.

Former President Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, have been accused repeatedly of turning the foundation into a tool for personal enrichment by using it to market official government favors, access and influence to wealthy individuals, corporations and foreign governments.

Little is expected to happen until the Trump administration takes over Jan. 20, 2017.

A long-running FBI investigation that now encompasses five field offices continues to probe massive amounts of materials made public via WikiLeaks, and the thousands of private emails sent to and from Clinton during her tenure as the chief U.S. diplomat via a home-brew server located in her New York home.

A former senior law enforcement official told The Daily Caller News Foundation Tuesday that all 10 FBI agents in the Little Rock field office who are assigned to public corruption cases are working full-time on the foundation. The Clinton Foundation was founded in 1997 in the Arkansas capital for the sole purpose of building and operating the Clinton Presidential Library. New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C., are the other FBI offices in the probe.