John Goodman explains at why Democrats, Republicans, and major media organizations all deserve some credit/blame.

Many people think the Donald Trump presidency is a historical accident. They are bewildered about why it ever happened.

I believe the Trump presidency was inevitable. If Donald Trump had never been born, there would be a Trump Number Two to take his place. And if Number Two stumbled, there would be a Number Three.

The reason: There are social forces, helped along by the two major parties and the national news media, that made something like the Trump presidency inevitable.

Race is a paramount issue.

On that subject, Trump is politically incorrect. Intentionally so. Being politically incorrect is not racist. But it strikes an emotional chord with millions of people who dislike the way race has been handled by society in general and by politicians in particular. …

… In modern American history, in election after election, one side has sought to divide us by race. One side has shown no restraint at all in its attempt to provoke resentment, bitterness and hate. Their opponents have meekly acquiesced. The media has said nothing. Had Donald Trump been equally divisive and racist in the other direction he would not be President. He was elected because he is the first Republican to confront hypocrisy in the other party and call it out.