Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker pans the latest pronouncement from the federal government’s leading COVID scold.

We know from airport executives’ testimony that the air in airplanes is so gosh darn clean that it’s virtually impossible to catch COVID while flying. But still, when the Democrat backlash began, they agreed that everyone should wear a mask while flying. Now, Anthony Fauci, the man controlling America, has conceded that mandatory vaccines won’t do a thing to make air travel safer—but he still wants a mandate to put even more pressure on people to get those jabs.

There’s lots of authority that it’s quite unlikely that you’ll catch COVID in a well-filtered, modern airplane. …

… Nevertheless, we must still wear masks on those airplanes because…narrative.

When it comes to vaccinations, they also won’t make airplane travel safer. That’s because as everyone but Joe Biden concedes, vaccinations do not stop people from either giving or getting COVID (although there is some evidence that they lessen the severity of symptoms from variants up to and including Delta). If the vaccinated person sitting next to you sneezes in his paper mask, and all the nasties come flying out of the side of the mask, it’s possible that you can catch his COVID despite the plane’s air filter, even if you are also vaccinated and masked in your useless paper mask (which is as good as using a chain-link fence to catch block mosquitoes).

But for Fauci, the practical realities are irrelevant. He believes in government power to force people to take a vaccine that is essentially a flu shot of minimal efficacy but with some very nasty side effects. We don’t have to guess. Fauci is open about his tyrannical desires.

Thus, while appearing on ABC this week, Fauci announced that he doesn’t care that vaccines are useless to protect airplane travelers. If a mandate forces people to get the jab, he’s all for it.