Nick Arama writes for about a Democratic Pennsylvania senator’s interesting reaction to the political left’s poor response to Middle East conflict.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has made a remarkable recovery from his stroke. Indeed, I’m not sure how it happened, but he seems to have come out of it being right on important issues from the Israel-Hamas War to the border crisis. And he hasn’t been afraid to share his opinion, which, in a strange twist, has conservatives liking a lot of what he has been saying and doing.

Fetterman has said the border crisis is killing the American dream and that he doesn’t know how anyone could deny it was a crisis. He’s decimated the anti-Israel crew with his common sense take on the Israel-Hamas War. He’s even called out Harvard for their leftism.

That’s earned him a lot of ire from the anti-Israel crew. 

On Friday night, they showed up at his house to protest him, waving their Palestinian flags. They can’t even leave people alone on a Friday night. They stood outside chanting, “Fetterman, Fetterman, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide,” their standard chant. Apparently, to them, everyone is guilty of genocide, except we don’t hear them calling out Hamas, the only people who truly want to commit genocide. They want to wipe Israel and its people right off the map.

But Fetterman may just win the award for the greatest troll of all time because his response to them was great. He wasn’t “hiding” at all. He went up on his roof, and as they were chanting, he was waving an Israeli flag at them down below. It was marvelous. …

… They just couldn’t take that he wasn’t cowed by them. And they were just so offended at what he did, it was truly gold.