Nick Arama writes for about the latest indefensible economic claims from President Biden.

Joe Biden has horrible approval ratings when it comes to the economy. 

That’s put the Biden team in a quandary as to what to do when the media asks them about this fact. They’ve claimed it’s just bad messaging–that Americans just don’t understand what’s going on. 

That of course is both presumptuous and insulting, acting like Americans are stupid and don’t understand when they are paying more for everything. 

Biden was in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Friday. …

… But after he visited a few stores, he went and answered questions from reporters at a fire station. 

One was about the economy, including what he was going to do to change people’s minds. So this time Biden decided that he was just going to deny reality and indulged in a little fantasy. 

Biden claimed Americans were “feeling much better about the economy.” He added, “What we haven’t done is letting them know exactly who got it changed.” Got it changed to what? Made it worse? 

Biden claimed consumer confidence was up, “Everyone’s doing better. They believe it. They know it.” 

That contradicts all reality. It contradicts the polling they just asked him about. …

… When your alleged leader won’t even acknowledge the validity of your concerns, it’s even worse than not solving the problem. 

Remember, Joe Biden wants us to believe he’s done great things for the economy. What would that be? We have all kinds of crises now under him–between the troubles in the Middle East, new wars, and Bidenflation. He has spoken about scraping junk fees. As though that would change inflation or have any substantive effect on anything. But then, after what he said was crazy, he brought out the creepy whisper too.