Nick Arama writes for about a high-profile Democrat’s criticism of Harvard.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) continues to surprise, as he calls out the people on the radical left. 

This time Fetterman weighed in on the question of how Harvard has dealt with antisemitism and the case of Claudine Gay. Gay finally resigned as president of the university after her failure to say unequivocally that calling for genocide against Jewish people was against the Harvard Code of Conduct and being accused of a lot of instances of plagiarism.

Fetterman just eviscerated Harvard’s failure to properly deal with antisemitism and he slammed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. He said that he went to Harvard 25 years ago, and they had always been a little “pinko.”

“As an alum of Harvard — look, I graduated 25 years ago, and of course it was always a little pinko,” Fetterman told Semafor this week. “But now, I don’t recognize it.”

Yes, he did go to Harvard for graduate school. He got a Masters in Public Policy degree from there. And he’s right, it was always bad, but now it’s beyond the beyond with how bad it is. 

He skewered the radicals, saying that it was Israel that was “a beacon of the kind of values, the American values and progressive ideals, that you want to see” in the area. 

“In that region, it’s our strongest ally, and we have a very special kind of relationship. I don’t understand how anybody could vote against the Iron Dome, or want to harm Israeli businesses or the nation or anything. I’ll never understand that. Calling them ‘colonizers’— like, where does this come from? It must be TikTok or some kind of obscure classroom talk.”

He also ripped apart the calls for a ceasefire within the Democratic Party, pointing out how wrong that was, given the situation with Hamas.