The Greensboro News & Record‘s “Mixing It Up” column recently cited a Meck Deck blog entry from Michael Lowrey discussing the Carolina Panthers’ efforts to ply Charlotte for taxpayer-funded goodies. A Winston-Salem Journal article featured 12th District congressional candidate Jack Brosch’s citation of the John Locke Foundation as a good source of information. The Beaufort Observer cited data from Terry Stoops highlighting the growth of nonteaching jobs in public schools.

The Daily Tar Heel quoted both Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders and Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez in an article about the future of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. The Founder’s Truth website publicized Sanders’ analysis of libertarian
television host John Stossel’s recent visit to Chapel Hill. The DTH quoted Mitch Kokai in a story about National Review Online blogger Reihan Salam‘s speech this week in Chapel Hill.

A John William Pope Foundation profile of JLF featured comments from John Hood, Roy Cordato, and Vice President for Communications Jon Ham. Carolina Liberty PAC quoted Fergus Hodgson for an article about the state treasurer‘s race.