The Daily Caller offers details about Lawrence Lessig‘s interest in a White House bid.

The progressive Lessig famously founded Mayday PAC, described by the organization as “a crowd-funded Super PAC to end all Super PACs and the corruption of private money.” …

… “All the other choices are the same old politicians, with a few notable exceptions,” the petition reads, “but Lessig has walked the walk as a real reformer, not just talked the talk. Imagine a presidential debate where he could bring every question back to the issue of money in politics, making all the other establishment candidates squirm in their seats; now, that would definitely be a debate worth watching!”

His campaign is being called the Lessig Equal Citizens Exploratory Committee.

People who follow this forum closely might remember Lessig’s 2012 speech to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. He attempted to put forward a campaign finance reform argument designed to appeal to the political left and right. Lessig also made his case during an interview with Carolina Journal Radio and