Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller appears amused by the suggestion from former White House press aide Reid Cherlin that the mainstream media “never loved President Obama.”

“No, Barack Obama never had reporters eating out of his hand the way that right-wingers love to allege – even though Obama’s intellectual approach made him seem like someone who could just as easily have been a columnist as a candidate,” Cherlin wrote.

“Obama, during his two campaigns for the presidency, had made a point of going over the heads of the media (denigrated as “the filter”) and communicating directly with voters. With Obama in office, reporters have complained that the approach has sometimes bordered on pathology,” Cherlin wrote.

(Long sigh)

It’s hard to even try to reason with this guy, who chooses to ignore that the Obama campaigns and the Obama presidency have combined into one long, running cult of personality perpetuated by mainstream commentators who deify the president while viciously smearing his challengers like a desperate mistress telling herself that deep down her man really loves her. Should I quote Jay Leno, who in 2012 joked around Halloween that viewers could “Wear a Re-Elect Obama button and go as a journalist.” No.

I’ll just leave this argument to a Democrat, Bill Clinton, and quote something he said on the campaign trail in 2008 as Team Obama painted him as a racist in South Carolina and the press corps turned on their one-time boss like a mistress who realizes she’s not getting that apartment together that her man always talks about.

“They just want to cream in their jeans over this guy.”

In this instance, one suspects most people would agree that Bill Clinton was discussing a subject with which he had some degree of expertise.