U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx is still on the defensive regarding her controversial genetic testing bill:

Foxx spoke about the wellness bill Friday at the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner in Winston-Salem, which was sponsored by the Forsyth County Republican Party. About 200 local Republicans attended the event in the Downtown Marriott Hotel.

Foxx said that the bill is intended to correct contradictory legislation approved by Congress during the Obama administration. Recent news accounts of the bill has misinterpreted it, she said.

“We are setting the record straight,” Foxx said. “We do not ask for people’s genetic information.

“Wellness programs are purely voluntary,” she said. “But if they (employees) do participate, there is a chance to have their premiums reduced. What the media is saying is if you don’t participate, you get fined. That is not true — simply not true.”

Somebody help me out here, but I don’t how many times Foxx has to say it’s “voluntary” before people–especially the media (who really don’t care for Foxx)–get it. If parts of the bill do conflict with existing protections for employees, it should fixed as it goes through the legislative process, as Wake Forest University law professor Mark Hall told the Winston-Salem Journal.