It apparently doesn’t take much to get a protest reported in North Carolina nowadays, so long as it’s leftist.

  • May 27: “Nearly 20 protesters, described as ‘workers from McDonalds, Wendy’s and Bojangles and clergy members’ and dubbed the ‘Tillis 15,’ refused to leave [House Speaker Thom] Tillis’ office for nearly 11 hours.” (“Nearly 20” because “the Tillis 15” was so unclear.)
  • June 2: “About 30 ‘Moral Monday’ protesters slowly made their way inside the Capitol building …”
  • July 19: “Several dozen people showed up for the protest Saturday at the Maxway store …”
  • July 24: “Pro-choice activists try to deliver broken cookies to McCrory.” (The story doesn’t bother to offer a count, but the dutifully attached video shows eight protesters.)
  • July 28: “Raleigh couple [counterprotest] a group of anti-abortion protesters …” (That group isn’t “newsworthy,” mind you, but when two people in opposition to the group show up with “absurd signs,” stop the presses!)

At this point, hard-pressed leftist activist groups don’t even need to bother waiting for a nearby union convention to bus in folks in between meetings for a 30-minute pro forma “protest” (seriously — see the July 19 link). They don’t even need to field protest that barely fills an office. They don’t need to field anyone at all, apparently.

Just announce a protest, and let the media do their “job.”