Rhino Times editor John Hammer’s column addresses one of Greensboro’s busiest commercial “intersections”—-Lawndale Drive, Westover Terrace, Battleground Avenue and Green Valley Road.

Hammer writes “you really can’t call whatever goes on there an intersection –it’s too confusing for that…..(w)hatever it’s called, it’s confusing, especially for people experiencing it for the first time.”

The area’s part of my daily routine and —like most traffic in Greensboro—it flows well except for small —very small–spurts during the morning and afternoon rush hours. What will make the intersection even more interesting is the proposed addition of the A&Y Greenway, where it will connect to the still-under- construction Downtown Greenway. No exact timeline has been set for that addition—Gboro transportation director Adam Fischer told Hammer that while A&Y has abandoned the railroad, they have not ceded the right of way to the city.

Hammer is no cheerleader for greenways, but speculates the greenway will improve the intersection because it will make it more pedestrian friendly. But City Council member Mike Barber floated an additional idea—roundabouts. JLF has had an idea or two about roundabouts. Let’s just say they’re skeptical. And as someone who passes through that “intersection” on a regular basis, I am skeptical as well.